Engineering Division - Right-of-Way



The main function of this section is the acquisition of all real property that is necessary to construct any capital improvement project or to improve existing facilities (roads, bridges, drainage easements, etc.). Legal descriptions are prepared with the assistance of the survey section.

Title searches are another function of this section. All contacts with property owners dealing with r/o/w is conducted by the right-of-way agents.


Assistance is also provided to the Road Department in securing hold-harmless agreements or any other document that is necessary to allow the road department to complete a job.

 Another function of this section is to investigate the numerous right-of-way vacation requests that the Board of Commissioners receive and coordinate the request with the affected utility companies.

The Right-of-Way section of Public Works is also responsible for issuing driveway permits and right-of-way permits. Requests for driveway connections to a single family residence on any County maintained road can be made by filling out the required Driveway Permit. If the proposed connection is for a commercial, retail or multi-family location, please contact the Public Works Engineering section at (850) 689-5772 to determine whether a driveway permit or development review is required. Requests to do any work within the right-of-way can be made by filling out the required Right-of-Way Permit.

If your proposed residence will have a finished floor elevation of less than12 inches above the crown of the roadway adjacent to the residence, you will be required to get a below the crown permit.

To learn about the Leasehold Conversion Application Process view the Resolution or download the Application. For questions related to the application process contact Zan at 850-423-4897 or Right-of-Way Agent Jeff Henderson at 850-423-4837.