Okaloosa County Board Policies



                                                       Board Appointed Advisory and Decision Making Boards,
                                                       Commissions, Councils and Committees Policy

                                                       Economic Development Incentive Policy

                                                       Media Policy

                                                       MSBU.MSTU Policy

                                                       Naming or Dedicaton Policy

                                                       Opportunity to be Heard Policy

                                                       Procedures for Meetings Policy

                                                       Public Records Request Policy
                                                            Electronic Search Fee Schedule

                                                       Title VI and Limited English Proficiency Policy

                                                       New Travel Policy Effective 3.1.2024
                                                       Complete your pre-approval Travel Request Form
                                                       In OnBase, Go to the Home Tab, Click on Forms
                                                       Look for "Travel Settlement Voucher (BCC)"
                                                       If not visible, E-mail onbasesupportf@okaloosaclerk.com


                                                      FDOT Map Mileage


                                                       Aviation Advisory Committee Policy

                                                       Ground Transportation Policy
                                                           Fee Schedule, Effective 4.1.2018

Facility Maintenance

                                                        Asbestos Policy

Growth Management

                                                        State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Policy


Human Resources

                                                        Human Resources Policy Manual

Information Technology

                                                         Communications Policy

Office of Management & Budget

                                                        Grants Policy and Procedures Manual

                                                        Non-Profit Agency Funding Policy

                                                        Purchasing Manual

                                                        Real Property Acquired With Federal Funds Manual

                                                        Tangible Personal Property Manual

                                                        Triumph Pre-Award Policy

                                                        Write Off of Uncollectible Accounts Receivable Policy

                                                        Write Off Form Fillable

Risk Management

                                                        Safety & Risk Manual

Tourist Development Department

                                                       Tourist Development Department Manual

                                                       Tourist Development Council Bylaws

Water & Sewer

                                                        Commercial Adjustments

                                                        County Water and Sewer System

                                                        Standard Specifications and Design Manual