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Delayed Bill Notice

Operational issues at our current bill print vendor's production facility have resulted in a significant delay in mailing bills for customers located in cycles 1, 3, and 4. The cycle can be found in the upper-right corner of a bill. All customers can access an image of their bills on our Online Services web portal here. Customers in the affected cycles will not receive late payment charges and will not be disconnected for non-payment related to the current charges on the delayed bill. These charges can be paid by the due date on the next bill, which will be received in October.


Effective October 1, 2021

Rate Increase Notice
  • Effective 10/1/2021, Water and Sewer rates will increase by 3%. Click here for more detailed rate information.
  • Effective 10/1/2021, rates for residential waste services will increase. Please call Waste Management for questions related to waste services: Monday – Friday (850) 301-2822 Saturday (850) 275-0020.

Water Meter Exchange Project

Okaloosa County Water & Sewer’s meter exchange project is relatively small in scope, and involves approximately 4,100 meter locations throughout our service territory. The project will begin on September 7, 2021 and will wrap up in just a couple months. This project will replace those meters in our system that are close to the end of their useful life. If your residence or business is a part of this project, you would have received a letter from us dated September 1, 2021. Click here to see a sample letter. Click here for frequently asked questions.



Ways to Pay

There are no convenience fees added to online and phone payments.
  • Pay and/or View Bill Online
  • By phone 850-651-7171
  • Drop Box Locations
  • Most Western Union bill payment locations will accept cash to pay your utility bill. Please have your account number and save your receipt from that location if choosing this method.

New Service/Moving/Cancel Service

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An Essential Service for Our Community

 Our Mission:

A professional, community organization providing the customers of Okaloosa County an ample and affordable supply of clean, safe drinking water, with a commitment to collecting and disposing of domestic waste in a manner that protects the environmental future of our county.


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