Water & Sewer FAQS

Q:        How can I pay my utility bill?
A:        You can pay your utility bill in-person, via a drop box, online and even by phone (850) 651-7171. There are a few non-County locations you can drop off a payment, but the official payment on your account is not accepted until we receive the payment in Customer Service.  See Ways to Pay for more information.

Q:        Must I pay the water and sewer base charges even if I use no water?

A:        Yes. The base fees for water and sewer are used for a combination of fixed costs. The meter needs to be read each month and processed. The water company’s fixed expenses exist even without water or sewer consumption. This cost is shared by all customers, so that the availability of water and/or sewer is constant.


Q:        Is there a discount if I have an unusually high water bill?

A:        If you experience a leak at the property there are a few options. Once the leak is repaired, you have 90-days from the first high water bill to apply for a credit. You are only allowed up to two months of credit for each yearly submission due to leaks. The supporting documentation is for the auditors to show them a repair had been completed and the high water usage will not be happening any more. The credit will depend upon how much water was actually used. If the balance, after an approved credit adjustment is still high, we offer short-term payment plans to assist with making this type of situation more affordable to the customer. There is no interest or fees associated with a payment plan due to a leak.


Q:        Are there local agencies that may assist me in paying my water bill?

A:        Customers may seek assistance from various area churches or charitable organizations, such as the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities. Payments should be made directly to the Utility Company.


Q:        Do you offer budget billing?

A:        We do not offer budget billing at this time. This may be part of a future upgrade to our processes in the next few years.