Citizen Councils

Community and Government Cooperation

Public participation in government decision-making is a foundation of democracy.  A great way to be a part of your community is to volunteer and serve on one of the County's boards, commissions, councils, and committees.  Except where noted, all boards and committees are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

These pages have been prepared to describe Okaloosa County's boards, commissions, councils and committees and to explain their roles in our County. For your reference the authority, member requirements, meeting information, and liaison departments' contact information have been included.

You will find our current policy, a listing of current vacancies and application documentation below for your convenience.

Revised Policy- Adopted February 05, 2019

Board Appointed Advisory and Decision Making Boards, Commissions, Councils and Committees


Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Okaloosa County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

Okaloosa County Mechanical Competency Board (Contractor)

Okaloosa County Plumbing Competency Board  (Consumer Representative) 

Okaloosa County Construction Competency Board (Consumer Representative)

Okaloosa County Electrical Competency Board  (Consumer Representative)

Okaloosa County Code Enforcement Board  (Licensed Contractor)

Okaloosa County Code Enforcement Board  (Licensed Realtor)

Okaloosa County  Recycling Advisory Committee  (Education Community Representative)

Okaloosa County  Recycling Advisory Committee  (Commercial Business Representative) 

If interested in any of the above positions please complete the required forms located below and submit to:

or Mail to:

BCC Citizen Councils

1250 N. Eglin Parkway, Suite 100

Shalimar, FL  32579


Application Packet - must be submitted by all applicants

Background Check must be submitted by first time applicants

Public Records Exemption Request please submit with application if applicable

ReApplication Packet