Okaloosa County Construction Competency Board

Okaloosa County Construction Competency Board


Authority:  Ordinance 07-32

Purpose:  To adopt by-laws governing its procedures to correspond with other county boards procedures; to determine compliance with the qualifications for, and to authorize the issuance of Certificates of Competency on a permanent or probationary basis by the Department of Growth Management; to conduct hearings for discipline of contractors holding Certificates of Competency or take such other action as is authorized and deemed necessary for the public health, safety and welfare.

Members: Shall consist of twelve (12) members.  Nine (9) are engaged in business as marine, general residential, or building contractors, specialty contractors, such as specialty structures, exterior applications, landscape, demolition, site removal and house moving.  Three (3) of whom are consumer representatives.  Members can be reappointed to additional terms with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners.

Term:  3 years

Meetings:   The last Wednesday, every other month.

Department Liaison: Department of Growth Management (850) 651-7180