Comprehensive Plan

January 29, 2003 - Department of Community Affairs Notice of Intent to find the Okaloosa County Comprehensive Plan Amendments in Compliance.

The Okaloosa County 2020 Comprehensive Plan is divided into three volumes: a Technical Document, a Policy Document, and a Map Atlas.


The Technical Document contains background information including the technical support data and analyses for the various elements of the plan.

The Policy Document contains the goals, objectives and policies for each element, including the Capital Improvements Element, and the Comprehensive Plan monitoring and evaluation procedures.

The Map Document contains a series of maps, including the Existing Land Use Map, the Future Land Use Map, the Future Transportation Map, and the Water and Sewer Service Areas Map, as well as other maps that clarify information in the Technical Document.

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Cover Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Administration

Chapter 2 - Goals, Objectives and Policies

Chapter 2.1  - Future Land Use


Chapter 2.2   - Transportation
Chapter 2.3   - Housing
Chapter 2.4   - Sanitary Sewer
Chapter 2.5   - Solid Waste
Chatper 2.6   - Stormwater Management
Chapter 2.7   - Potable Water
Chapter 2.8   - Natural Groundwater Aquifer Recharge
Chapter 2.9   - Coastal Management
Chapter 2.10 - Conservation
Chapter 2.11 - Recreation and Open Space
Chapter 2.12 - Intergovernmental Coordination
Chapter 2.13 - Capital Improvements with Five-Year Schedule

Chapter 2.14 - Property Rights

Chapter 3  – Monitoring and Evaluation Procedures

Chapter 4  – Concurrency Management System


A - Future Land Use Map Overlay Zones

•  Overlay Zone Map - North County

•  Overlay Zone Map - South County

B - Future Traffic Circulation Maps

•  Future Transportation Map - North County

•  Future Transportation Map - South County

C - Water Service Area Maps

•  Water Service Area Map - North County

•  Water Service Area Map - South County


Okaloosa County Joint Land Use and Tri-County Small Area Studies

 •  Joint Land Use Study

•  Tri-County Small Area Study


Okaloosa County Planning Profiles

•  North Okaloosa Zip Code Map

•  South Okaloosa Zip Code Map

•  Planning Profile 32531 BAKER/BLACKMAN/MILLIGAN

•  Planning Profile 32536 CRESTVIEW/AUBURN

•  Planning Profile 32539 CRESTVIEW/DORCAS

•  Planning Profile 32541 DESTIN

•  Planning Profile 32547 FORT WALTON BEACH

•  Planning Profile 32564 HOLT/MILLIGAN

•  Planning Profile 32567 LAUREL HILL/ALMARANTE

•  Planning Profile 32569 WEST OKALOOSA

•  Planning Profile 32578 NICEVILLE/SEMINOLE

•  Planning Profile 32579 SHALIMAR