Okaloosa County is committed to providing waterway safety information as it relates to livery vessel guidelines, related ordinances and overall public safety on waterways in Okaloosa County. 


(Permits/Authorizations must be obtained from both Okaloosa County and National Park Service)

In July 2018 and updated with County Ordinance 20-03, Okaloosa County passed Ordinance 18-19, authorizing commercial operations in the area under certain conditions. Due to the unique nature of Crab Island being located in national seashore waters over state-held submerged waters, commercial operations require authorization from the local government as well as the park service. In accordance with Okaloosa County Ordinance 18-19 and 20-03 park service regulations, Commercial Use Authorizations and Okaloosa County, licenses must be obtained prior to operating a business at Crab Island.



2023 Waterway Safety Meeting Information

Mandatory Pre-Season Meeting: All livery vessel owners operating under Ordinance 22-08 Waterway Rental Vendor Safety and Operating Standards must attend a mandatory pre-season meeting to be held each February.