County Commission Meeting Procedures

General Procedures & Courtesy

In all cases, participants will be required to state their name and address for the record and, in general, be asked to limit their comments to three minutes so that others in the audience may have the opportunity to be heard. The Chairman will accept comments from speakers, but the Chairman will not allow argument with members of the Board. Likewise, speakers will be expected to address their comments to the Board, not to the audience. Citizens in the audience should respect each speaker's right to state his or her views, and disruptions, including applause or booing, will not be tolerated. Those refusing to accord due respect to the Board, speakers, or others in the audience will be asked to leave the meeting.

Public Participation:

The Okaloosa County Board of Commissioners welcomes public participation. In order to conduct a public meeting where all can be heard, certain rules of procedure must be followed. Visitors or residents who desire to address the Commission on any matter, including those on the Board's agenda, should contact the County Manager's office at 651-7515 to schedule an agenda presentation.

Presentations, Etc.:

Prior to the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting(s), Presentations and Awards are scheduled. During this portion of the meeting, participation involves only the Board and the person(s) making the presentation or receiving an award.

Public Hearings:

Public Hearings are meetings required by statute to address single issues defined to be of general public interest. The public is entitled to comment during this portion of the agenda. Simply raise your hand for recognition upon the Chairman's request, and proceed to the podium.

Resolutions, Proclamations and Ordinances:

The Resolutions, Proclamations and Ordinances Agenda includes budget amendments, Commission Resolutions and County Ordinances.

Department Business:

The Department Business Agenda includes items which, in general, require discussion by the Board for resolution.

New Business:

New Business includes budget transfer requests, public property use requests, and issues scheduled for discussion by a County Commissioner.

Air Times:

Commission meetings will be aired on Channel 6. Times are Wednesday at 7pm and Thursday at 10am.