Applications Division

Applications Division is the link between the business requirements and technology solutions for application system needs. Our team assists with technology planning, evaluation, selection, implementation, and maintenance. We also designed, implemented, and maintained the VoIP phone system.

Our mission is to serve our end users with continually improved, efficient, cost effective technology and telecommunications products, services and information so that our customers are totally satisfied and able to properly fulfill their respective missions.

We have saved over $250,000 per year with the implementation of the VoIP phone system. Utilizing the County fiber network, we can provide clear, cost effective communication for our users. There are approximately 1,385 phones installed on our system. The departments utilizing the Mitel system are Clerk of Courts, Commissioners, Court Administration, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Sheriff and Supervisor of Elections.

Maintenance of the County's web page is another function of the Applications Division. There are over 400 web pages constantly being updated. We have developed .net applications for the web that allow County Residents access to more information.

We have written and currently maintained applications for Public Works, Facility Maintenance, Human Resources and Risk Management. With new rules or requests from our users, we are constantly updating or creating new programs.

The IT Department operates through four main divisions:

Please access each section for more information about each division, its services and staff.