Statutory Responsibility

The County Commission's statutory responsibilities are outlined in Florida Statute 125, with functional responsibilities as follows:

  • Adopts an annual budget to control County fiscal year expenditures.
  • Levies taxes and special assessments; borrows and expends money; issues bonds, revenue certificates and other obligations.
  • Adopts County ordinances, resolutions,and rules of procedure, prescribing fines and penalties for violations of ordinances.
  • Provides for the prosecution and defense of legal causes on behalf of the County.
  • Provides and maintains County buildings.
  • Prepares and enforces comprehensive plans for development of the County.
  • Establishes, coordinates and enforces zoning and business regulations necessary for public protection.
  • Places issues on the ballot at any primary, general, or special election.
  • Provides services related to the health and welfare of citizens, such as fire protection, parks and recreation, and waste collection/disposal.
  • Appoints members to and creates Boards, Authorities, Committees and Commissions as required by law.