Engineering Division - Citizen Involvement


All construction projects require cooperation from the contractor, utility companies, the owner and especially the users ( the taxpayers that are paying for the improvement). In order for you to get your moneys' worth, it is important that the county do the work in the safest and most efficient manner. The following is a list of things that you can do to help produce the most cost effective product with a minimal amount of disruption to your daily schedule.

Please keep the right-of-way clear of all obstructions such as parked vehicles, flower beds, brick mailboxes, shrubbery and trees. Sprinkler systems are always a problem. Please move your sprinkler system prior to the beginning of construction.

When construction commences, please obey all warning signs. Your safety as well as the safety of the roadway workers is the countys' major concern. Many workers are killed and maimed each year across our nation by drivers who disregard the warning signs.

If you own pets that may pose a threat to workers, please take the necessary steps to control them before an accident occurs.

If you have a problem or a question, please ask for the construction supervisor or call the Okaloosa County Engineering Department at 850-689-5772.

Above all, please be patient.  Construction projects become unsightly due to stockpiling of materials or the clearing that is required to complete the job. New construction projects are especially susceptible to weather conditions. Rain damages the road bases and we must wait until the material dries before work can continue.  Utility interruptions are inevitable during construction and every effort will be made to make all inconveniences as short as possible.Usually, if the county isn't working that particular day, it's because of the weather or conditions that were created as a result of inclement weather.