Engineering Division - Citizen Support Services

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Many of the requests for information that come to this department concern street lighting, sidewalks and bike paths. Questions frequently posed are:

"How do I go about getting a sidewalk constructed in my neighborhood"?

"How do I get street lights for my neighborhood"?

"How do I get bike paths for my area"?


Sidewalks and Street Lighting

Okaloosa County doesn't budget money for sidewalks or street lighting, however, there are avenues that citizens can pursue to have these improvements constructed in their neighborhoods. One of the most popular methods utilizes grants through the various state and federal agencies. There is funding through the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (federal) for sidewalks and bike paths, and the Community Safety Team (state) for mitigation of safety hazards.

Street lighting can be provided through a Multiple Services Benefit Unit (M.S.B.U.). This provides a means to pay for installation, maintenance and monthly electricity usage. Okaloosa County will not participate in the costs to install street lighting in subdivisions. The neighborhood that wants the street lights installed pays for the service through their monthly county water and sewer bill.