Engineering Division - Drafting & Design

The Public Works Department of Okaloosa County will achieve a record of outstanding customer satisfaction.

This section is responsible for the preparation of construction plans ranging from simple drainage plans to an all inclusive set of road plans that include paving, drainage, environmental permitting, utility relocation, signage and striping layout. Calculations and drawings for reef placement along our shores are also a contribution by this department. Coverage and images from the Geographical Information System are an integral part of the plans prepared using AutoCAD and various types of engineering software.

Close cooperation with other divisions has become the key to this department’s operations. A project manager assists with the communication between contractors, engineers, and other county departments. This cooperative effort helps to maintain time lines and cost on all projects whether done by our own staff or contractors.

Information received from our own survey crews is the basis for all plans generated in this department. The crews are equipped with electronic data collection, robotic survey instruments and Geographical Positioning System (GPS) equipment. Each means of data collection provide highly accurate information for all projects done by County crews.