Emergency Medical Services (EMS) In Depth

We are diligent in our efforts to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Okaloosa County Emergency Medical Services is part of The Department of Public Safety under the authority and supervision of the Board of County Commissioners. Until 1992, the functions of Emergency Management (which includes 911) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were separate. These two departments were consolidated in 1992 to form the Department of Emergency Services, later renamed the Department of Public Safety in 2001.

Most of our employees are paramedics and emergency medical technicians, but we also have several other employees who play important roles on our team. Our staff is comprised of:

Paramedics who are trained to provide advanced life support, and Emergency Medical Technicians who assist the Paramedics or provide basic life support functions. All of our ambulances are staffed and equipped to provide advanced life support (see our FAQ for an explanation about Basic and Advanced Life Support).

Three Shift Captains who supervise the three shifts. The Shift Captains are also Paramedics, and often provide additional medical assistance on-scene during critical incidents. They are also responsible for scheduling employees, payroll administration, ensuring compliance with rules and protocols, and for providing the department's first management representative on-scene in significant or critical incidents.

Three Shift training officers (lieutenants) that are responsible for ensuring that the continuing education required for certification is completed and of the highest quality. The Shift Training Officers are also responsible for the day-to-day quality assurance of the organization. This includes not only strict quality parameters identified within the organization, but also the new state mandated data reporting requirements

Administrative staff includes an administrative assistant, a billing clerk, a logistics supervisor and a supply clerk.

The Public Safety Director, and the EMS Division Chief comprise the Divisions leadership. The Director provides overall management of the department, while the EMS Division Chief has specific functional responsibilities for managing day-to-day response, planning, and administrative operations.

Last -- but certainly not least -- is our Co-Medical Directors. These Physicians who exercise supervision and quality assurance over our medical practices and protocols. The Medical Directors are on contract to provide these services and are not county employees.