Emergency Phone Numbers


  • Fire Department - 911
  • Emergency Medical Services - 911
  • Sheriff Emergencies - 911
  • Panhandle Animal Welfare Society - 850-244-0196
  • Mosquito Control - 850-651-7394
  • Health Department - 850-833-9245
  • FEMA - 1-800-525-0321 or 660-8005
  • Red Cross - 850-314-0316
  • Fl Dept. of Emergency Management - 850-413-9900
  • Citizen Information Line when EOC is activated -
  • 850-609-7000 or 311 (on most phones)



During an Emergency...

  • Dialing 911 can reach police, the fire department or ambulance.
  • Try to remain calm.
  • When the 911 operator answers, state the problem briefly and give your full name and address.
  • Do not hang up the phone until the operator says to.

ps_911_color.jpgChildren and 911

One of Okaloosa County's most precious assets is our children. Many times our children have come to the aid of family and friends by calling 911. By teaching your children when and how to dial 911, you will be providing them with the tool to receive help for all types of emergencies.

Print the Okaloosa County's "Dial 911" coloring book

How the 911 System Works

When a 911 call comes into the call center a  sophisticated system of computers, phone equipment and highly trained personnel are activated.  As the call taker answers the call, the phone customer’s name, address and phone number flash onto a computer screen. This ensures that even if the caller is incapacitated, emergency crews can be dispatched to the scene.

The 911 call taker always verifies the information provided on the screen with the caller. This way, if the call is disconnected the location is known and emergency personnel can be dispatched to that location.

As the  call taker gathers the information, it is relayed via computer to the dispatcher. The dispatcher contacts the appropriate agencies, relays information as it becomes knows, monitors radio traffic, dispatches additional personnel when needed, and coordinates incident resources.