Is your number up?

Your address is not just for mail delivery...Can your home or business be found in an Emergency?

ps_911_house.jpgWhen lives and property are at stake, every second counts. Properly posted address numbers can be a vital link to your safety. A missing, incorrect or poorly marked address can delay emergency response when seconds can literally mean the difference between life and death!

In the interest of public safety, Okaloosa County has passed a Property Numbering System Ordinance, number 91-06.  This Ordinance requires that all homes and businesses display a correct, visible street address.  The address numbers must be clearly visible from the public or private right-of-way on which the building fronts.




  • Building numbers shall be Arabic numerals (not Roman or spelled out), and must be at least 3 inches tall and 1/2 inch wide.
  • Numbers must be in a color contrasting to the building or other background (preferably reflective).
  • Assigned numbers shall be displayed on the front entrance of each principal building.
  • Assigned numbers for principal buildings, mobile homes, commercial docks or piers, which are not visible from the public or private ways shall additionally be displayed at the intersection of the driveway and servicing street, and be attached to a post, wall, fence or mailbox at a level to ensure visibility.

It is important to check your address for obstruction by paint or shrubbery. Remember, if you can’t see your address, neither can emergency responders!

If your home or business is located at a distance from the road, it is important to post the address where it is easily visible from the road, such as on a fence, a post, or other structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I paint my address on the curb in front of my house?

    A. Curb painting is not recommended.  Addresses painted on the curbs can be blocked by leaves or parked cars, offer poor visibility at night and fade quickly

Q. I receive my mail at a post office box.  How can I verify my street address?

    A. If you are unsure of your address, call the Okaloosa County 911 Addressing Office at 850-689-5788 to confirm it.

Q. If I rent my home, who is responsible for address posting?

    A. Under the Ordinance, both the owner and occupant are responsible for posting the address.

Q. I don’t have a phone and can’t call 911.  Do I still need to post my address?

    A. Yes.  Often emergencies are reported by a neighbor or from a pay phone or cellular phone.  Emergency crews will still need to locate the building as quickly as possible.