Domestic Preparedness

How should Florida prepare for Terrorism?

ps_sc_dom_prep_siide.jpgUnlike with a Hurricane or a Flood, there will likely be NO WARNING for a terrorist attack. We, as Floridians can make sure that our families know what we would do to account for each other in a disaster. A Family Disaster Plan is critical and should be in place at all times. Your family's plan should include Emergency Contacts, identification of Rally Points, Disaster Supply Kit, and more.

Identify Rally Points...

Since your family is not together 24 hours a day, you need to consider how you would find each other in a disaster. Rally points (physical locations) should be identified for the most commonly frequented locations (i.e. work, school, neighbors ..). For example, if a crisis occurs at school — a location where both parents and child designate to meet should be included in your plan.

Bio Threats

You can find more information about Bio Threats by following the links listed on this page  


Hazardous chemicals are stored and transported all around us. You must know how to protect yourself until rescue workers can arrive and take control of the situation.