Inmate Services & Programs

Inmate Services & Programs
The following is a partial list of the programs currently available to Okaloosa County Inmates.

Inmate Commissary
A commissary is operated by the Department to allow inmates the opportunity to purchase phone cards, writing materials and an assortment of comfort items. Tobacco products are not permitted on the premises. The facility has been smoke-free since January 1, 1995. Proceeds from commissary sales support a variety of inmate programs and services.  

Library Services
A standard reading library that includes both fiction and non-fiction material is made available weekly to the inmates held beyond first appearance. Additionally, pro se inmates are provided reasonable access to legal materials to assist them in filing any type of action cognizable in Florida Courts.

Video Visitation permits each inmate in general population to have the opportunity for at least two hours of visitation each week. A particular visit or visitor may be denied in order to maintain the safety, security and good order of the facility. All visitors are required to register and to record their name, address and relationship to the inmate. Additional information may be required. All visitors are subject to search.

Video visitation is available onsite at no cost, Tuesday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 4:40 p.m. except for holidays. Remote video visits can be scheduled 7 days a week from 7a.m. – 9:40 p.m. All visits must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance and can be done from the terminal in our public lobby or from any computer with internet access by visiting

Religious Services
All inmates shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to practice their religious beliefs. A facility Chaplin has been appointed to coordinate religious services and activities. 

Inmates shall have the opportunity to have a minimum of three hours of outdoor exercise, weather permitting.

General correspondence between inmates and their families or others is encouraged. Inmates may receive mail using the following address:
                    (Inmate's Name)
                    Okaloosa County Department of Corrections
                    1200 East James Lee Boulevard
                    Crestview, FL 32539

The only items that may be sent to an inmate in the mail include approved legal material, letters, twenty (20) photos (no larger than 4x6, no Polaroid), standard size cards, money orders, and postage stamps. Mail will not be accepted if mailed in large envelopes and bubble or padded envelopes; it will be rejected and returned to sender unopened. Any item larger than ¼” x 12” x 15” will be considered a package and returned.

Except for holidays, mail will be forwarded to and received from the post office Monday through Friday. Incoming inmate mail is monitored and may be inspected to intercept contraband.

Books may be donated to the Inmate Library but not mailed directly to an inmate.

Inmate Account
Funds may be deposited in an inmate’s account with cash, money orders and debit/credit cards. A kiosk is located in the Public Lobby to accept cash and debit/credit cards. Money orders must be made payable to Okaloosa County Department of Corrections with the inmate’s name written on the bottom. Money orders must be mailed to the facility and received no later than 6 am Friday for the funds to be available to order commissary the following week.

Funds may be deposited via telephone using credit/debit cards by calling (850) 689-5690, select option ‘2’, and follow the prompts.

Funds may be deposited via the internet by setting up an account at and

Other Services
The following organizations may also provide services to inmates: mental health centers; substance abuse programs; county health departments; county school boards; ministerial associations; vocation rehabilitative services; and others.

Medical Services
Medical Services are provided by Corizon Health -

Food Services
Food Services are provided by Trinity Services Group, Inc. -