Emergency Operations Information

Official Orders

EOC activated at Level 2 (partial activation) beginning 12:00 p.m. April 10, 2024

4:25 Update

Overview/What's New: The leading line of storms has exited our area with lingering showers and embedded thunderstorms. A cold front will move through this evening, and another line of storms will move through the area as this front swings through. Based on current observations, the trends, and the hi-resolution guidance, our main concerns heading into tonight are non-thunderstorm winds and the potential for additional flooding. Please see below for specifics on each hazard. 

*Impact 1 - Redevelopment of Thunderstorms *

  • WHAT: As mentioned above, additional thunderstorms are expected overnight as the line of thunderstorms moves through the area. We do not anticipate these storms becoming severe, though we cannot completely rule it out.
  • WHEN: If thunderstorms do redevelop, these would move through fairly quickly between 10 PM and 2 AM, with thunderstorms exiting the area well before daybreak. 
  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence is low, though latest forecast thinking is that we will not be able to destabilize and any storms will remain elevated. 

*Impact 2 - Flooding*

  • WHAT: Lingering rain may exacerbate ongoing flooding in areas that receive the heaviest rainfall. The additional development this evening may produce another 1 to 3 inches of rain, though locally higher amounts are possible. 
  • WHEN: Continuing through the overnight hours
  • WHERE: The best chance for flooding will in the southern half of the area and especially along our coastal counties. 
  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence on additional flooding is low. 

*Impact 3 - Non-Thunderstorm Winds*

  • Winds will remain breezy through the evening and overnight hours. We have removed the wind advisory for all but our coastal counties. However, there is a potential for non-thunderstorm winds to increase again this evening with the passage of the front. Gusts of 30 to 35 mph are possible. 

The coastal and marine impacts have not changed from previous forecasts, and we still have a High Surf Warning, a High Risk for Rip Currents, a Coastal Flood Advisory, and a Gale Warning in effect. 


3:50 p.m. Update

The NWS has cancelled the tornado Watch for Okaloosa County. Okaloosa Public Safety is now monitoring for any redevelopment potential this evening and the river level forecasts.


1:40 p.m. Update

The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued a

* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for...
Southeastern Escambia County in south central Alabama...
Southwestern Covington County in south central Alabama...
Okaloosa County in northwestern Florida...
Santa Rosa County in northwestern Florida...
Eastern Escambia County in northwestern Florida...

* Until 230 PM CDT.


*****Okaloosa County non-essential operations are closed for the day.****
Departments which employ essential employees in Public Safety, Corrections, Public Works, Water and Sewer, Airports and other time-sensitive, critical functions will continue to operate a duty schedule determined by their Department Director in order to avoid interruptions in service.



10:24 a.m. Update ( April 10, 2024)
The National Weather Service in Mobile has issued Tornado Watch for portions of northwest Florida from now until 5p.m. This Watch impacts the following locations: Escambia, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa Counties.


(9 a.m. -Wednesday - April 10, 2024)
Okaloosa Public Safety and NWS Weather Update ( 9 a.m. -Wednesday - April 10, 2024)
Today’s upcoming weather system will bring heavy rains to the area which could lead to flash flooding. 
Okaloosa County is closely monitoring the evolving situation in close coordination with the National Weather Service, Florida Division of Emergency Management, strategic partners and neighboring counties. We are not activating risk shelters at this time as school is in session. Please have multiple ways to receive emergency information and monitor official new sources. The Okaloosa County Emergency Operations Center will be activated to Level 2 at noon, staffed with Command-level personnel and our Public Information Officer to assist in operating command and control elements as well as monitoring and disbursing information on the storm and any local impacts.
Severe weather is expected but there are two plausible scenarios:

• Scenario #1: A squall-line moves across the forecast area from west to east from mid-morning through late afternoon. In advance of the squall-line, a few discrete supercells will be possible across far southeast Mississippi and potentially as far east as coastal Alabama. Damaging winds up to 80 mph and tornadoes will be possible with any supercell and within the squall-line.
• Scenario #2: The squall-line poses a threat for damaging winds and tornadoes across southeast Mississippi but weakens as it moves into Alabama and transitions to a flood threat north of the I-10 corridor. Across coastal Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, the severe weather threat would be this evening into the overnight hours with a tornado and damaging wind threat.
Sign up for local weather alerts at AlertOkaloosa.com

The latest local severe weather information from the County can be found on social media at https://www.facebook.com/OkaloosaCounty/ or on the County’s EOC website at https://myokaloosa.com/eoc/home


Debris Info as of 9 a .m. April 10, 2024

Unless there is an emergency declaration related to debris recovery, it will be business as usual related to garbage service. Same rules apply to bulk waste and yard trash for routine residential service:

  • Yard trash is picked up once a week and should be containerized in bags or cans.  If it cannot be containerized it should be placed in bundles, piles, or stacks with sizes no greater than 4 inches in diameter or 6 feet long; and weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • Bulk waste is picked up once a week and includes items such as furniture and appliances.  Other bulky items should not amount to more than four cubic yards per pick up.

Severe weather resources include:

National Weather Service in Mobile: https://www.weather.gov/mob/

Sign up for severe weather alerts: https://alertokaloosa.com/    

Disaster supply checklist: https://www.floridadisaster.org/planprepare/hurricane-supply-checklist/

Click HERE to sign up for local alerts | DOWNLOAD the Hurricane Guide





For more information on how to prepare, CLICK HERE to download our hurricane guide. 



No closures.

The following closures have been announced for Okaloosa County:

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Davidson Middle** Crestview No Shelter's open at this time 10/08/2018 - 8:00pm

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Note - pets are not kept with populace and are kept separately.

See also: Shelter Information for directions and addressess.

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