Public Safety Coordinating Council

Public Safety Coordinating Council   

Authority:  FS 951.26

Purpose: To assess population status of all detention or correction facilities owned or contracted by the county, develop a 5-year safety plan for future construction needs and a comprehensive county public safety plan.

Members: The council consists of the following members or their representatives:

  • State Attorney

  • Public Defender

  • Chief Circuit Judge        

  • Chief Correctional Officer           

  • Sheriff          

  • State Probation Circuit Administrator          

  • Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners           

  • Director of any county probation or pretrial intervention program           

  • Director of a local substance abuse treatment program           

  • Representatives from county and state jobs programs and other community groups who work with offenders and victims


Term:  4 years

Meetings:  Every 60 days as set by Council.

Liaison Department:  Department of Corrections-  (850) 689-5685