Okaloosa County Stormwater Master List - Known Projects

Below is a list of known Stormwater issues in Okaloosa County.  The list was compiled from a variety of sourced including; citizen interactions, County employee observations, Stormwater Needs Reports, Stormwater Master Plan, Stormwater Division inspections, etc.   You will note that some of the projects are highlighted.  Generally they are highlighted because the project has issues that makes the project unique or has potential to substantially impact safety, infrastructure or quality of life.  If you have a Stormwater issue, please review the list to determine whether or not the project has been identified.  If it wasn’t on the list or you would like to provide some additional information about a particular project, press the Contact Stormwater Division button below.  This button will launch a form where you can enter information about the issue.  The Stormwater Division will contact you if there is additional information that they need or conduct an investigation to determine whether a new project is warranted.



Nearest Address


13th Street


Sycamore to Oak Avenue South Side.  Pipeline failing.  High Maintenance.

2nd Avenue east of Woodham/West of Eglin Pkwy.


Water flooding roadway after rains.

3rd Avenue


3 prefab boxes, 300 feet pipe

3rdAve/7thSt to 4thAve/8thSt


Pipeline Rehabilitation - 7St to 8St/3Ave to 4Ave

7th and 2nd Ave


 14"ID crossdrain at intersection

All Regional Stormwater Facility


SMP-Build one each 5-year cycle None

Antioch Road


SMP-Raise roadway profile, replace 5 culverts, detailed study

Austin Avenue



Aycock Ditch


SMP-Clean and regrade ditch, add rip-rap R

Bay Drive Dam


Replace three inlets and outfall piping with prefab boxes and plastic pipe.  Recontour embankments.  Assess and improve asphalt curbing and curb cuts as needed.

Bayshore Dr.


Sent request to Bobby to survey-Waiting on survey to check materials- Niceville. Recent to Mat. Cost estimate from cartegraph using Duramax pipe $6,174.14 not counting the concrete driveways.

Beach Drive


SNA - Road flooding

Bermuda Circle


Replace failed pipe aprox: 500 ft combined 36'' poly-36'' CMP-18'' poly. Sent survey request to Matt.- SENT REQUEST FOR SURVEY 11/24/2014 Req#13965 KK -Scott need to know how much of the pipe needs to be replaced. See the attached photo. 

Beverly Street


RD -- Numerous failures in pipe run from Green Acres Road to Pointed Leaf Lane.

Blackwater - Martin Mill Gulley


SMP-Replace inlet, drop structure, and pipe; stabilize bank R&R

Blackwater - Sherman Kennedy Gulley


SMP-Regrade swale and add rip-rap R

Blackwater - Steel Road Gulley


SMP-Replace pipe and junction box, stabilize bank R

Blake Lake


SMP-Upgrade storm drain, detailed study

Bluewater Point Drive


SW -- Inspect pipe and remediate as needed.

Bridgewater Court


SNA - Stormwater in road/yards

Brittany Woods Ditch Rehablitation


Whole length rehabilitation.  Possible Surtax project. Delapidated Infrastructure

Brittany Woods Subdivision/Northampton Cr.


Reestablish swales.  jelwoodlawson@aol.com

Brookridge Trace


SNA - Stormwater between homes



Replace Crossdrain 32x48 arched triple barrel. 36' span.



triple culvert, headwall sinks, CMP arched

Casa Loma


16"Round CMP x 30' running under roadway from inlet box to inlet box From inlet box to outfall is 18"x200' Round CMP Pipe is rusted out and has root infiltration throuout system

Cayson Avenue to Martin Street Pipe


SNA - Pipe is collapsing

Charleston Cir


Discrepancies in drawing from district personal and survey. See pic1 and survey attachment. Cost 1from survey $1069.70  Cost 2 from Dist information $2332.55 Cost on pipe only.

Cimarron Outfall


SMP-Regrade ditch, replace 4 culverts, detailed study



SNA - Standing Water

Clifford at 731 Dubois


inlet and spillway collapsed and temp repair.  Needs new inlet box for IN1494 snd spillway.  Suggest poject include clifford street crossdtain and pipeline to outfall replacement.  Also consider and investigate the need to replace the parrallel pipe system  (see SW GIS)



Piping from Lloyd is deteriorated and needs replacement. IN1494-1497.  South side of Clifford across from lift station vertical migration



SMP-Replace culvert 213 LOS

Corner Creek Road  


OU223 PD53  Headwall at outfall collapsed - excvator, flatbed, concrete, fill material.  May need new setion of pipe at end

Corner Creek Road  


OU223 PD53  Headwall at outfall collapsed - excvator, flatbed, concrete, fill material.  May need new setion of pipe at end

Corvet Street


SNA - Water ponding on roadway

CR 393 0.1 mile N of Gas line


Excess water on side of road

CR 4A Gulley


SMP-Replace ditch pavement, rip-rap ends, grout voids under structure – 2 locations

CR 602 Gulley


SMP-Clearing, bank stabilization, rip-rap at outfall pipe

CR 602 Gulley


SMP-Clear, stabilize band, add rip-rap at outfall R

Creekside Cir


May want to consider a WQI for this project. But keep in mind the key to the performance of WQIs is maintenance. I have worked up a simple cost and sent Matt a request for survey. When properly maintained, WQIs should experience very few separation, clogging, or structural problems. Stormwate upgrade on the 20' drainage easement.  This is a new construction project.  We need to have inspection and survey first and then an Enginering schematic.

Curacao Way Crossdrain


Pipe failing.  Needs Emergency release structure.

E. Dogwood Stomrwater Pond


Overflow is destroyed

Easy Street


Working with property owner to exchange easement and reconstruct pipeline and outfall.

Echo Circle


Crossdrain at this location needs replacement. 

Elaine Avenue


Standing Water



Replace deterorated crossdrain




Foxwood Phase 3


Subsurface water/pavement problem

Foxwood Subdivision


Subsurface water/pavement problem

Foxwood Subdivision


SMP-Add underdrains, detailed study

Gap Creek Regional


SNA - Flooding due to insufficient capacity

Gap Creek Regional -319 Grant received for  $1M


Flooding due to insufficient capacity

Georgetown Lane


Existing system leaking

Gillman Road


Stormwater Retention at pond

Green Acres Blvd Pipe replacement


At Doyce -  Liming of double barrel pipe system. Pipes are 36" Round CMP

Griffith Mill Blowout


Griffith Mill at Melton Road -  Blowout around inlet on west side of road and blowout around concrete channel/pipe on east side of road.  Pipe is 250' cmp 30" round.

High Ridge Road


Stormwater runoff/ private prop, dirt to pave 2017

High Ridge Road


Stormwater runoff/ private prop

Highway 90


SMP-Replace culvert 92 under Highway 90 at Toms Creek LOS

Highway 90


SMP-Replace culvert 93 under Highway 90 at Mill Creek LOS

Holloway Outfall Easement


SMP-Rip-rap approximately 650 feet of ditch, new outfall structures

Holloway Outfall Easement


SMP-Add rip-rap to approximately 650' of ditch, provide new outfall structures R

Hollywood Boulevard, Mary Esther Cut-off to Ready Avenue


SMP-Re-line approximately 1,000 feet of 24/36 inch pipe, repair inlets

Hunters Path


SNA - Road flooding- Study by Hatch Mott MacDonald HMM Project No. 301252 Sept 2014

Hunters Path


Hatch Mot MacDonald see file through switchboard

Huntington S/D Drainage Improvements


SNA - Stormwater system inadequate

Install all remaining gage sites


SMP-Data collection, sites report

Install Gage Site #1-East Bay River


SMP-Data collection, sites report

Install Gage Site #2-Cinco Bayou


SMP-Data collection, sites report

Install Gage Site #6-Pond Creek


SMP-Data collection, sites report

Intersection of Union Ave & 17th St


Stormwater Basin w/No Outfall

Jack Stokes Rd



Keats Avenue


Subsurface water prob.

Kervin Road improvements



King Street, Crestview (Off E. Chestnut)


Ditch needs reworked, possible pipe

Lake Lorraine  Regional


Old Age of Drainage InfrastructureOld Age of Drainage Infrastructure- LL Phase 1 as of todate 6 April 15 $241888.69. Cost will be updated as project completes. Material $157,750.87 as of todate.

Lancaster Regional


Flooding in streets and yards-Study by Hatch Mott MacDonald HMM Project No. 301252 Sept 2014

Lancaster/Shadow Lane


Hatch Mot MacDonald see file through switchboard

Laurel  Drive


Replace inlet to outfall.  Vertical erosion along pipeline.

Laurel Drive


SW - Inspect and repair Inlet/Piping and sinkholes in easement between 802 and 800 to retention pond in GP ROW

LL Phase 2


Old Age of Drainage Infrastructure

LL Phase 3


Old Age of Drainage Infrastructure

LL Phase 4


Old Age of Drainage Infrastructure

Mar Walt at Hospital Crossdrains


Replace crossdrains , inlet boxes and headwalls.

Martin Mill Gulley


SMP-Replace inlet, drop structure, pipe, bank stabilization – 2 locations

Mar-Walt Drive Flooding


No Outfall for Water - Hospital Impact

Meigs Drive 


Headwall reconstruction or prefab.  Crossdrain replacement (utilities and shallow cover).  Consider replaciong box on south side of Meigs.  Replace pipe to outfall.



Repace sidewalk inlets to outfall OU174

Mooney Road 219


Metal Pipe has rusted. OU174



Outfall pipe degradation causing vertical erosion.  Needs replacement.

Nelson Point Road


Camera - Potential Pipe Replacement

Northern Pines Regional


Drainage from Eglin

OCI officers contracts



Okaloosa Lane


SMP-Replace culvert 94 under Okaloosa Lane at Mill Creek LOS

Old Antioch Bridge



Old Bethel Road Outfall Easement


SMP-Clean-out/Replace pipe, bank stabilization, paved ditch, structures

Old Bethel Road Outfall Easement


SMP-Replace pipe, stabilize bank, pave ditch, miscellaneous structures R&R

Old Ebenezer Road





HWY 85 N : CRESTVIEW - Cross drain pipe under road that is only access to county park/boat ramp is in a high state of deterioration. needs to be
replaced. two 42 inch x 60ft

Old River Rd @ Wadsworth


Insufficient Capacity

Olde Post Road


Double barrel 24" Round CMP failing with numerrous depressed VE locations in the outfall run.  Replace with smoothe bore.  


656 to 640

Pipe Replacement.  30" CMP.  May want to split this into two.  The first section between 640 and 652 can be lines now to stop subsidence in the pipeline.  A portion of the pipe originating at Overbrrok on the north end of the pipe run has been lined.  From the terminus of the liner to the location where the easment has infringement around 652 can be lined as one project - Phase 1 .  The portion of pipe replacement  in the resticted easement - Phase 2.  Powerpoint available on the work order.

Overbrook Dr Outfall


Outfall Replacement

Overbrook Drive


FEMA.  See WO.

Page Bacon RD


RD - pipe deteiorated.  south side from crossdrain at Joanna Lane approx 255 feet east to a box

Pahl Ct #8592



Pandora Drive


SMP-Replace culvert 90 under Pandora Drive LOS

Parrish Point


Sedimentation restricting drainage

PD 313 Spring Gate Ct. 


Fence rotted needs replacement.

Pine Ave (Nice.) 1734


Stormwater crossing road

Pine Meadows Regional


No Conveyance

Pine Street


Installation of drainage system to connect at drainage easement between 1730 and 1734 Pine Avenue

Pinedale Subdivision Powerline


Pipe Evaluation and Retrofit



Subsidence at INLET.  Replace CMP from outfall to first box.

Port Dixie Boulevard


Hatch Mot MacDonald see file through switchboard

Port Dixie Regional


Insufficient Capacity/Failing System-Study by Hatch Mott MacDonald HMM Project No. 301252 Sept 2014

Port Dixie, 6th Avenue from 5th to 9th


SMP-Reline approximately 2,000' of 36"/48" pipe, repair inlets R. -Study by Hatch Mott MacDonald HMM Project No. 301252 Sept 2014

Redith Court


Water ponds on roadway

Rene Lynn Apartment, 6 Woodham Ave


Apts surrounded by elevated homes.

Richpien Road (near Race Track Road)


Insufficient Capacity

Rickey Avenue 130


No positive outfall

Santa Rosa Boulevard


Flooding/Inadequate System

Seville Drive


DOT water in ditches

Shalimar Courthouse Stormwater


System is inadequate

Sherman Kennedy Gulley


SMP-Clean swale and rip-rap

Snook Road


Stormwater floods yard

Somerset Drive


Pipes Collapsing (2095')

Sorrel Ridge


RD - Drainage for New BCC approved Park

South Avenue Regional


Insufficient Capacity/Failing System-Study by Hatch Mott MacDonald HMM Project No. 301252 Sept 2014.  Submitted as part of a RESTORE Act project in May 2015.

Springhill Road Flooding



SR 189


SMP-Replace culvert 13 under SR 189 at Knot Creek LOS

SR 189


SMP-Replace culvert 14 under SR 189 at Garnier Creek LOS

Stanley Lane


No existing drainage

Steele Road Gulley


SMP-Replace pipe and Junction box, bank stabilization – 2 locations

Sunset Blvd (Wright Elm. School)


Pond has insufficient Cap



RD - Inlet Installation (Stormwater) Contouring (Road)

Tara Court


Runoff from Tara Court to Hermosa eroding.  Private property.  Camera pipe from PD283 to IN790 to determine integrity.  Rework swale from LiveOak Church to Tara Court.  SW moves along Scarlett rather than roadside swales.

Tommy Steele Road


Existing system undermined

Trawick Creek ('14 Bridge)



Union Avenue


Construct OU235 as indicated in approved drawings.  Easement North of 1717.  See Henson for Construction Plans.  Temporary fix Complete.

US Hwy 98


Remove/Replace Lake Inlet and Hwy Swale Outfall.  Easement on lot line between 2202 and 2204

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 210 under US 98 near Hurlburt Field Housing LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 212 under US 98 east of 98 West Liquor Store LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 207 under US 98 west of Leisure Time RV Center LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 202 under US 98 east of Hurlburt pedestrian overpass LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 211 under US 98 west of Hurlburt pedestrian overpass LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 201 under US 98 near Magnolia Shores LOS

US Hwy. 98


SMP-Replace culvert 203 under US 98 east of Hurlburt gate Los

Verb Street/Central Ave


Flooding on multiple homes south of verb between Central Ave. and McFarlane.  Want to install 2 inlets at the entrance to Bell Brooks estates and to capture BBE SW and convey it to the Golf Course Pond.  Need FWB approval.

Vermont Avenue


Swales need rebuilt

West County Regional


Insufficient Capacity



IN1177 to OU349 16" CMP bottom failure.  Multiple pulling points.  PD435.  Easement need survey compared to pipe run.

Willow Grove Lane


Streetwide Flooding

Woodfern Path


Pipe leaking sink hole.  W.O SHOWS COMPLETED . No materials or labore.Pipe leaking sink hole