Road Conditions

The Public Works Department of Okaloosa County will achieve a record of outstanding customer satisfaction.

Okaloosa County has many diverse road conditions throughout the county. Our roads vary from single lane dirt roads, often with wooden bridges, to multi-lane interstate freeways. The goal of the Roads Division is to pave all of the dirt roads while we maintain and improve those roads already paved.

Safety:   Safety of the motoring public is one of the most important aspects of what we do in the Roads Division. All activities in the Roads Division are focused on making the road network in the county as safe as possible.

Dirt Road Maintenance:   Our dirt roads are maintained with a mixture of sand and clay. These materials, when mixed together allow for good compaction and a solid roadbed. The county’s three road maintenance crews work hard to grade dirt roads when needed and add materials as necessary. The grading schedule for each road is determined by traffic volume and road condition.

Rain:   All citizens should be aware that after rains dirt roads can become slippery and rutted. All motorists should drive on dirt roads with extra caution and especially so after rains.

Paving and Resurfacing:   This fall the Roads Division will be undertaking a road resurfacing project to resurface 4.6 miles of county roads. The specific roads to be resurfaced are listed under the heading of Public Works – Resurfacing Program. Also this fall we will be paving 11 miles of dirt roads. The specific roads to be paved are listed under the heading of Public Works – Paving Program.