Unincorporated MSTU Parks

Okaloosa County's diverse natural environment plays a vital role in preserving our wealth of outdoor activities.

The County is proud of its recreational resources and we are always striving to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Over the years, Parks staff has worked on numerous improvements for the County Parks system.  Some of our Unincorporated MSTU Parks are listed below.  

Abram's Park

Abram's Park is a newly-developed park that has a playground and benches for the neighboring residents to enjoy.  

Holt Park

Holt Park on the east edge of Holt has a playground, pavilions, and walking path that is a nice retreat for the local community.

Sunset Park

A long dormant neighborhood park on Lang Road that used to only contain an open play area now highlights play structures specifically designed for children with special needs. The County matched funds raised by the neighborhood and designed a park for their specific needs. The renamed “Sunset Park” also provides a walking trail and bench seating.

Seminole Park

Seminole Park has a playing field, bathrooms, playground, and walking path that meet the needs of the neighborhood.

Woodlands Park

Woodlands Park has an open field, a recently added playground & shade structure, and a pavilion with nearby swings, which serves as a recreational outlet for families close by.   

Game and Practice Field Schedules

County Parks Staff consistently works closely with several youth athletic organizations to establish schedules for the various sports needs of our communities.