Welcome to the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail!

For anyone who has never experienced geocaching, it is a recreational activity that takes place outside, where participants use a GPS or GPS enabled device to locate containers called “geocaches” or “caches”. The caches are at minimum a container and a log book inside the container at specific GPS coordinates. Some geocaches contain little trinkets that you can take when you visit the cache and keep or trade at the next cache you visit.


Join us in geocaching in Okaloosa County Parks!

•  A geocache has been placed in several of the Counties public parks.
•  The County has been divided into quadrants, each containing 6 (or more) caches.
•  We have listed all of the available caches below for your use.
•  The geocaches can also be found under the username Okaloosa County BCC on www.geocaching.com.

Celebrating the first Okaloosa County Geocache Trail with a Minted Coin Prize!

While supplies last, a custom Okaloosa County Geocache Trail coin will be given to people who complete all requirements:

•  Find and log a minimum of 20 of the geocaches on the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail.
•  You must find 4 Okaloosa County Geocache Trail geocaches in each quadrant for a total of 16 geocaches
•  Plus, 4 other Okaloosa County Geocache Trail caches from any quadrant from the list below.

How it works:

•  Get your Okaloosa County Geocache Trail Passport found here
•  Okaloosa County geocaches within the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail are larger containers with a log book for you to log your visit.
•  On an aluminum disk mounted inside, you will find a 5 digit alphanumeric code.
•  Log your visit on geocaching.com.
•  Log/Write the Cache Name, Date Found and this code on your passport
•  After collecting the required amount of caches, bring your competed passport, or mail completed passport to: 1759 S. Ferdon Blvd. Crestview, FL 32536.
•  The passport isn't considered complete unless all required geocaches are logged with proper code on your passport as well as logged on www.geocaching.com.
•  After completing the Okaloosa County Geocache Trail, we would appreciate you filing out a survey for us telling us about your experience. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail Michael Anderson at: geocaching@myokaloosa.com.

We appreciate your participation in this fun, outdoor activity and happy caching!

Coins will be awarded on a first come, first served basis while supplies last. Only one coin per person, with a valid and completed passport. Okaloosa County BCC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or misdirected mail or passports. Participants are advised to keep a copy of their passport for their records.

All geocaches are officially registered on www.geocaching.com. Participants will need to be registered on www.geocaching.com to retrieve coordinates, other location information and to log their find. Passport is not considered complete unless finds are also logged on geocaching.com website. Photos are welcome and encouraged, but not required. Basic membership on www.geocaching.com is free.

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Quadrant #1:

Wilderness Landing - GC46NJ5
Guest Lake - GC46NEH
Cotton Bridge - GC46NDN
Bryant Bridge - GC46NKE
Baker Recreation Center - GC46AA6
Baker Park - GC46A72
Blackman Community Center - GC4KGGJ
Kennedy Bridge - GC4JCZ8

Quadrant #2:

Ray Lynn Barnes Boat Ramp - GC476QM
Oak Grove Boat Ramp - GC46AH8
Laurel Hill Park - GC46BRG
Garden City Park - GC476N9
Laurel Hill Airsoft Field - GC4QWRW

Quadrant #3:

Woodlands Park - GC46BVG
Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier - GC479TT
Newman C. Brackin Boardwalk - GC46AJT
James Lee Park - GC46AJ5
Marler Park - GC4H62E
Okaloosa Regional Airport - GC4JT1E
Beasley Park - GC4H62M

Quadrant #4:

Beach Access #5 - GC4M7M1
Eldredge Park - GC479XW
Beach Access #2 - GC479WV
Beach Access #1 - GC46ABD
Don Stillwell Park - GC4H61X
Visitors Welcome Center - GC5DGHW
Sunset Park - GC4H11K

New Geocache locations will be added as soon as possible.