Special Waste

County residents can dispose of waste tires, free of charge, at either the South Okaloosa County Transfer Station in Fort Walton Beach or the Baker Landfill. White goods (appliances) also are accepted for free disposal at the South Okaloosa County Transfer Station and the Baker Landfill. Listed below are the hours of operation for both sites.

South Okaloosa County Transfer Station:

    Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 5:00pm
    Saturday, 6:00am - 12 noon



Baker Transfer Station:

    Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 3:30pm
    Saturday - 7:00am - 12 Noon

For further information, call 689-5772 or 651-7394.

What do I do with special wastes?

Waste Tires -

Waste tires can be disposed of FREE at the South Okaloosa County Transfer Station and the Baker Landfill. This applies only to local households, not businesses. Tire sizes are limited to passenger car and light truck tires. Quantities limited - 5 tires per household/month.

Appliances (White Goods) -

Appliances (white goods) are collected FREE at the following locations:

South Okaloosa County Transfer Station, 630 Transit Way, FWB
Baker Landfill, 1415 Charlie Day Rd., Baker

Quantities limited - 5 appliances/customer per month.

Rubble (Construction Debris) -

Construction and demolition debris can be disposed of in special landfills. A fee is charged at the gate. Call 682-0911 or 682-6611.

Used Oil -

Used oil is collected FREE from local residents at the following locations; please call for collection times:

  • Okaloosa County Recycling Office (850) 689-5772 or 651-7394
  • Okaloosa County Environmental Services (850) 651-7394
  • City of Niceville (residents only) (850) 729-4064
  • Super Lube (850) 689-1455
  • Webb's Transmissions (850) 862-1824
  • Time Saver Oil & Lube (850) 837-9785
  • Penzoil, 1198 John Sims Pkwy (850) 729-3333