Northwest Crestview Bypass

Northwest Crestview Bypass Information

The project, known as the Northwest Crestview Bypass, will connect with the Southwest Crestview Bypass (currently under construction) near the intersection of US 90 and Old Bethel Road (CR 188) and will terminate at State Road (SR) 85 (North Ferdon Boulevard) north of Crestview. The project will consider improvements to the existing Old Bethel Road from US 90 to SR 85 as well as alternative new corridors. This project is being led by Okaloosa County, in coordination with the City of Crestview and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).


Why is a bypass necessary?

  • Improve mobility and provide regional connectivity
  • Provide alternative to State Road 85
  • Connect to Southwest Crestview Bypass currently under construction
  • Create Northwest Crestview Bypass link between U.S. 90 and State Road 85
  • Maintain consistency with local government comprehensive plans

Northwest Crestview Bypass Town Hall documents and presentations


This project is being developed by Okaloosa County, in partnership with the FDOT District 3, and the City of Crestview. FDOT is providing state funding assistance through the Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP). County matching funds are provided through county surtax and gas tax revenue. The study process is following the FDOT Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE) process and was reviewed through the FDOT Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) process as project #14450.