Leave No Trace

  From tree lines to shorelines, we hope you join us in our countywide LEAVE NO TRACE efforts. We must act to preserve the pristine beauty of our environment and respect the property of our friends, neighbors, communities, wildlife, and marine life. The natural wonders along our pristine beaches, parks, woodlands, lakes, rivers and roadways deserve to be protected. Let's join together in a commitment to stay cognizant and focused on the impact we have on the environment. For the sake of preserving fond memories of our past, enjoyment of the present and for the future generations to come, here are some LEAVE NO TRACE tips for staying mindful: 
  1. Take ONLY memories - Our sand, sea oats, and other natural elements create a thriving ecosystem for wildlife and sea life that consider Okaloosa County their home.
  2. Leave ONLY footprints - Put trash in proper waste receptacles when enjoying the outdoors or remember to bring a garbage bag along to make hauling your trash back home for disposal, a little easier.
  3. Pitch in - Leave your environment better than you found it. Even if you didn't toss the litter, it feels good to do more good than required. If you see trash floating around, pitch in and pick it up!
  4. Protect - Sea Turtle Nesting Season begins May 1 each year. Lights out after dark, filling the  holes and flattening sandcastles will help mom sea turtles nest and babies make their way back to the surf. More on sea turtle Conservation at destinfwb.com.


Help us to spread the word by using the LEAVE NO TRACE Logo on business and event collateral, signage and digital platforms. Click to download the STANDARD or TRANSPARENT logo.  and use the hashtag #LeaveNoTrace. CLICK HERE to learn about Okaloosa County's curbside residential recycling program and sustainable alternatives for businesses and individuals outside of Unincorporated Okaloosa County's franchise area.


Smoking and vaping is prohibited in County-owned public parks and beaches. Read the ordinance (Effective Jan. 18, 2023)


Interested in organizing a cleanup event and unsure where to start? Unsure if the property is County, City a State roadway, US Highway or even Private Property? Reach out to Okaloosa County Permitting at 850-423-4868 or email aoverly@myokaloosa.com for logistics and approvals ahead of time. Email Environmental Resource Coordinator, Kali Hiemier at khiemier@myokaloosa.com to have your upcoming public volunteer event added to this website. #LeaveNoTrace

Click the icons to learn more about these upcoming environmentally friendly events and past efforts of our community.

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