2019 Board Schedules The purpose of the Licensing Division is to ensure that contractors are properly licensed and registered for specific trades. To view trades that require licensing see below. If you have any questions concerning any of the license requirements please contact the licensing office.  

Contact Information

Licensing Specialist - Renee Lucas: Email
Permitting/Licensing Manager  - Tina Ward: Email
Building Official  - Purl Adams: Email      

Office Phone: (850) 651-7180
Fax: (850) 651-7184     


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Renewal Proccess Change:

If you have received a renewal notice card, please click HERE to download the application. If you are unable to download this form, please contact our office and one will be sent to you.

Amendment to Chapter 205, FS - Effective 01/01/2007:

Florida Governor approved an amendment to chapter 205, FS., consisting of SS 205.013-205.1973, FS; changing the term : “local occupational license tax” to “local business tax”

Urgent News Regarding your Workers' Compensation Exemption

To maintain your workers' compensation exemption, the corporation or limited liability company (LLC) listed on your exemption must remain in an active status with the Florida Division of Corporations.

If the Florida Division of Corporations has not reinstated the corporation or LLC listed on your workers' compensation exemption by April 1, 2007, the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation will initiate proceedings to REVOKE YOUR WORKERS’ COMPENSATION EXEMPTION.

For information on reinstating a corporation or LLC, please visit the Florida Division of Corporations’ website at, click on “Electronic Filing”, and then click on “Reinstatement Filing”; or for corporations call (850) 245-6059 and for LLCs call (850) 245-6051

If your workers’ compensation exemption is revoked, you will no longer be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 440, Florida Statutes; and, in order to obtain an exemption in the future, you must file a new workers’ compensation exemption application which must meet all the legal requirements for the issuance of a workers’ compensation exemption.

Contractor Licensing

There are different types of contractor licensing available.

  • State Certified – Certified through the state to perform work in a specific trade. May work anywhere in the state of Florida, but must registered with each county or municipality. If you are interested in becoming state certified please visit DBPR’s website for more information.
  • County Local Specialty Licensing – Competency license issued on the county level. County level testing and board approval required.
  • State Registered License – Competency License issued and contractor is registered through the state for a specific trade. County level testing and board approval required.

Prior to receiving a license (local specialty or state registered) you must appear before the appropriate Trade Competency Board for approval; if approved, you must take the required examinations.  If you have received a license in another county in Florida check with licensing staff to determine if reciprocity is accepted from that jurisdiction.

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