Artificial Reefs

2013MidBayBridgeAR026.jpgArtificial reefs are magnets for all types of marine plants and animals. In the past, fishermen quickly realized that adding just about any kind of structure to waters off of Northwest Florida would quickly attract target species like red snapper, grouper and amberjack. Unfortunately, many of the materials that were used to build reefs were detrimental to the environment or were not stable or durable. Over time, an artificial reef program was developed to manage reef construction so that the reefs are productive, durable and environmentally friendly. Modern reef construction techniques can not only target particular fish species, but also other marine species that produce an ecosystem that can support all of the elements needed for the ecosystem to withstand pressures from use by fishermen, divers and other user groups.

This website is designed to provide the residents and visitors with information concerning artificial reefs managed by Okaloosa County. For those who are considering building a reef. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to describe the process you need to follow.

    Large Area Artificial Reef Sites
    Pumpout Stations List (pdf)
    Artificial Reef Coordinates
    Reef Gallery
    Reef Materials

Data Collection

The Artificial Reef Program needs data regarding the artificial reefs. Please report catches (species, size, date, reef name where fish caught) and any unusual sightings or events by filling out our Artificial Reef Data Collection Form. This information will help us to plan future reefs to better the environment and fishing.